You will be profiling a workplace. This workplace can be a place similar to one that you dream of working at in your future career, or it can be a workplace that you find interesting. Do not profile your current workplace because your employer will want you to be working while you are there, not just hanging around taking notes. Click on the attached link and print out the observation form. Then take it with you to fill out as you spend about one hour at your chosen workplace.

Observation Notes

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Your Name:
Date of Observation:

Name of Workplace Observed:
City and State of Workplace:

Names and job titles of anyone you speak to at this workplace:

Outside the Building: (Describe landscaping, building, parking lot, people, activities)

First Room or Area: (Describe room, furnishings, people, activities)

Second Room or Area: (Describe room, furnishings, people, activities)

Third Room or Area: (Describe room, furnishings, people, activities)

Last Room or Area: (Describe room, furnishings, people, activities)

Look over your observation notes and determine what your dominant impression is of that workplace. Is it calm or hectic, friendly or aloof, helpful or not, energetic or boring, exciting or depressing? What is one word you would use to describe it to someone who has never been there and wants to know what it is like? Brian Cable’s dominant impression of the workplace he observed (a funeral home) was not depressing or grieving as you might have expected; instead, his impression was that it was strictly business. The details that he gives throughout his descriptive profile of this place prove his impression: clock, credit card signs, Mr. Deaver, prices on the caskets, and Tim’s description of his job. What details will you include in your essay in order to prove your dominant impression?

Your essay should be at least 2.5-3 pages. Your essay should follow MLA format.


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