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Margins: 1 inch

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Length: 5-6 pages

Choose a text for rhetorical analysis. This can be a scene from a movie, a TV ad, a print ad, or a public service announcement. The text you choose must be approved by me. Analyze the text you have chosen for a theme and how this theme is presented to the audience. Use evidence from the text to support your thesis. Present the conclusions to your analysis. Please follow the guidelines below.

Format: You must state your thesis, analyze the text, and present your conclusion.

Briefly summarize or describe the text so your reader knows what the text is about. Provide a context for the text. Outline your method or focus. State your thesis.

In your analysis, identify a theme or pattern that you have stated is the focus of your essay. Find evidence or examples of this theme or pattern in the text as evidence of your thesis.

In your conclusion, explain what your analysis reveals about the text.

Support drawn from direct quotations and paraphrasing (20): Use direct quotes and paraphrase texts to support your thesis. Weave these into your own writing so that the flow of your writing is not interrupted. Use MLA style for citation.

Essay conventions: Use thesis statements and topic sentences. Use transitions to lead your readers through the analysis.

Standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation: Please be sure to use formal conventions of grammar and syntax.


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