Professional and Statutory Regulation *RICS*

Writers Instruction:
The assignment guideline has all the information required for the Tasks 1 & 2.
Assignment: Word count is 1,500 +10%.  Please note: tables are not part of the word count, therefore please use tables where applicable to answer the questions for the assignment.
Task 1 needs to be in a Report format. Task 2 is PowerPoint presentation and not part of the word count.
The assignment is based on Regulations; you will need to have a good understanding of RICS, RICS code of conduct, Rules of conduct for Firms and Members, Maintaining professional and ethical standards and RICS professional regulation. (I have added study papers for you to use for the assignment). Please visit RICS website for more information:
Notes from Assignment Webinar:
Varied working practices in the future: i.e
–    House Surveys
–    Mortgage valuation
–    Quantity surveying
–    Verbal surveys – Send podcast instead of written report.
–    Asbestos Surveys
–    EPC’s
–    Project Managing works for Client until completion.
Ethical Behaviour:
–    Cutting fees, you may not give good service.
–    Tempted to do something different, which you may not be an expert on. You need to adhere to the regulation, RICS.
–    Ethical Practice: Bribery / Money laundering.
Client Management:
–    How will clients react?
–    New services, cheaper to new customers – but is there longevity.
Regulatory training issues:
–    In house training, can someone from company provide training?
–    CPD activity- Direct through RICS (Rule of conduct for members).
Main Body of report:
–    Outline the extra services you will offer.
–    Positive and negative of services.
–    Statutory requirements you need to adhere too.
–    How working procedures may change.
–    What training will you offer.
All sources, study papers, web text books, journals, I expect you to provide hyperlinks so I can validate this. The reference needs to be Harvard style.

There is another Assignment Webinar on Tuesday 7th November 2017 @6pm, if you have any question regarding the assignment, please let me know before 07.11.2017, so I can get clarification.

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Professional and Statutory Regulation *RICS*
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