President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton
Paper instructions:
The purpose of this is to expose you to some of the historical resources available through the web and to increase your understanding of the topics covered in the reading. Each successful web critique will have the following characteristics:

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President Bill Clinton
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1. You must choose a website from your own research – avoid encyclopedia sites like Wikipedia or other generic sites. Look for sites from authoritative sources like Universities or professional associations or institutions. You must visit your chosen website and spend some time familiarizing yourself with its content.

2. Each critique must list the title and web address of the website at the top of the critique.

3. Each critique should discuss the following topics:

– A brief overview of the subject matter.
– What is most interesting about the site?
– What did you learn from the site?
– How could the site be improved?
– Would you recommend the site to others?

Remember: This is a history class, not a web design class. The vast majority of your critique must focus on historical information and not on whether you liked the background colors or thought the site links were hard to follow.

4. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be followed.

5. Each critique must be a minimum of 250 words.

6. Severe point deductions will be applied for not following these guidelines.

7. Any hint of plagiarism will result in an automatic Zero for the entire exercise. This includes “copying and pasting” from the web. Make absolutely certain that the critique is your own work and is written in your own words.


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