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Position Paper

Your final position paper can draw on your personal experience, expert opinion, facts and statistics to convince readers of your position. It may be helpful to consider the following question:  What would you like your reader to think, do, or change in connection with this topic? Answering this question can lead us to your stance and thesis statement – and allow you to include in your paper a call for action.
Your Position Paper will focus on arguing your claim – your position or thesis – and supporting that claim with clearly stated reasons.

Your finished essay should:
•Put forward a clear and arguable position (a claim or thesis) ◦Craft an identifiable thesis statement in a single sentence that states your position and summarizes the reasons you will use to support that position

•Provide your audience with sufficient background to understand the basis of your argument
•Support your thesis statement with clearly stated reasons, and support those reasons with evidence. Your evidence may include: ◦Personal experience
◦Researched facts, statistics, or expert opinions

•Include an acknowledgement and careful consideration of potential counter-arguments
•Use at least 2 researched sources ◦Properly cite and attribute researched sources using correct in-text citations and a properly formatted Works Cited page
◦All sources must be found through an academic database (using Clark State’s Library access)

•Be 4-6 pages, double-spaced, properly formatted & proofread.
•Have an interesting and appropriate title


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