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Population and Sampling Distribution Excel Worksheet.


Review Exercise 29 in Statistics for Health Care Research: A Practical Workbook.
Complete the Study Questions in Exercise 29. Compare your answers to the Answers to Study Questions.
Complete the Questions to be Graded on pages 223-224 and submit as directed by the instructor.
In order to receive full credit on calculated answers, please show your work. (Use Word’s equation editor,
etc., and/or provide a short written description as to how you obtained the final result.)
1 A. For a normal distribution that has a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 8. Determine the Z-score
for each of the following X values:

X = 108 Z =

X = 112 Z =

X = 98 Z =

X = 70 Z =

X = 124 Z =
1 B. Use the information in 1 A to determine the area or probability of the following:


p(x > 108)

p(x < 98)

p(92 < x < 108)

p(84 < x < 116)

p(x < 84)

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