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Political science discussion 9 – public opinion / campaigns &

Please choose one of the following questions and react to it briefly in the discussion boards.

When you submit an answer, please begin by pasting the question you are responding to in the text field. Then write your answer below.

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Political science discussion 9 – public opinion / campaigns &
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Discussion question options:

Over the past several decades, some states have introduced policies that make it easier to vote (e.g. mail-in ballots), whereas others have implemented restrictions (e.g. requiring photo ID to vote). In general, which type of policies do you support? Why?

Twenty-seven US states, including California, have some form of direct democracy, where citizens vote directly on policy. There are many proponents and critics of this process; do you think it is beneficial or harmful to allow citizens to vote directly on policy, rather than their views being represented by elected officials?

With $6.8 billion spent in 2016 in federal elections, many often decry the large amount of money spent in American electoral campaigns. Do you believe this is a problem? Why or why not? What could be done about it, if so?

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