policy paper analysis: intersectionality

Analysis of this article:

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policy paper analysis: intersectionality
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Description of the Policy Analysis and Major Topics Presented
Include a few paragraphs of the policy analysis perspective or topic in your own words.

Description of the Problem, Populations Impacted and Context
In this section, you must include a brief analysis of the problems and changing contexts that the particular policy analysis that is designed to address a particular problem shows. Contexts may include scientific and technological advances, societal and economic trends, and issues related to specific locales, especially for rural and/or urban environments.

Values discussion
How does the policy analysis reflect or not reflect social and political values in California? Be specific. Make this section 1-2 sizable paragraphs.

You must write clear, organized paragraphs using proper grammar.  Poorly written papers will be returned for revision (on a case by case basis) and points will be deducted. Each student who is assigned a “revision” will have a new due date that the professor will chose. If they do not meet that due date they will receive an automatic 0 regardless of your original grade. Each student will have the ability to refuse the revision and take their original grade.

You must use a minimum of 4 references.
Separate each section of the paper below with their own bolded titles.

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