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Police should adopt body worn cameras for law enforcement

Please use Endnotes not footnotes in Chicago Style, Times New Roman, 12.

The intent of this paper is to show the value of law enforcement vehicle and body worn cameras to both the police officers and the public. Title: Marine Corps Military Police should adopt vehicle cameras and body worn cameras for domestic law enforcement operations.

Advances in technology have improved camera equipment and enhanced the development of vehicle cameras and the body-worn camera (BWC). While many civilian police agencies have taken advantage of these advancements the Marine Corps Law Enforcement community has overlooked or have chosen not to deploy them. Society and the American public has become to accept cameras as normal as is demanding more oversight on law enforcement. BWC have numerous additional benefits, such as increased officer safety, documentation of violations and behavior, faster and more accurate adjudication. Video evidence for use in investigations has already reduced frivolous lawsuit claims and increased likelihood of successful prosecution. The utilization of video and audio recordings provide the court with the actual actions of officers, suspects, witnesses; and can provide criminal investigators, prosecutors, and convening authorities with far more detailed, accurate, and compelling evidence.

I will use MCAS Miramar Military Police as my example and add to these 20 pages you produce my own personal interviews and details about the Military specific program at MCAS Miramar. In November of 2016 Miramar PMO initiated a vehicle and body camera program. I will go into detail about Miramar PMO officers use of BWC’s to document interactions with service members/dependents, victims, witnesses, at incident scenes, and during traffic stops. In numerous instances over the first 90 days of use Miramar found cameras useful for officers in the favorable resolution of both administrative and criminal incidents.

No Department of Defense guidance exists on this type of program that I have found, and to my knowledge no scholarly work has been produced on military police use of body worn cameras.

Please discuss briefly the history of vehicle and body worn cameras then show their value in maintaining transparency, documenting evidence, and protecting the public and the officers ect. My intent of the 20 pages you produce would be to identify the benefits of cameras to Military Police, learn from the challenges experienced by other agencies, discuss social pressure to provide oversight and use cameras while drawing information and data from federal and local law enforcement to support the start of a program.

I intend to highlight the challenges and make recommendations for future development of an enterprise solution to acquire and use body worn cameras by all Marine Corps military police agencies

Please email me if you have questions.

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