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Philosophy Essay



Choose one of the philosophers from the Wicks book. Spend time getting to know that thinker well by reading extra material on the figure you have chosen, beyond what is found in Wicks or other required readings. This might be from one of the books Wicks suggests at the end of the book, a Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article, or one of the supplemental chapters in the books we recommended as found on your reading list.

Choose one 20th century artist from whom to analyze one artwork in light of the philosopher you chose. It would also be a good idea to include a book on the artist whose single work you are discussing.

Choose a work of art from that artist, and interpret it through the ideas of the philosopher you have chosen. It does not matter if you choose a modernist or postmodernist work. Just make sure you clearly connect the ideas of your chosen thinker to the work of art you are discussing. The ideas of the thinker should help to illuminate the work of art. The better the connection between the thinker and the specific artwork.

1. Double spaced and typed
2. Check grammar and spelling
3. Number the pages
4. No less than 5 pages of written text
5. Bibliography and quotation citings of books, articles etc.

Begin by asking yourself, after having read a good amount of the material you choose to consult, the following questions.

What claims do I want to make about the thinker and the artwork?
What kind of evidence do I have to make these claims believable?
Do I have a strong narrative or story that will make sense from beginning to end?
Think about it the way a lawyer might approach it, through the one question that he or she needs to focus on: \”How can I convince the jury?\”

Start by laying out your basic claim.
Develop that into an introductory paragraph.
Then in the course of the next 5 or 6 pages provide evidence for the basic claim or claims that you have made in that first paragraph.



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