Essay #5 – Persuasive Essay.
For this essay, you need to pick one topic from the list below, take a side, and then convince me that your argument is valid and persuasive.
First of all, you need to read up on the topic you pick. You also may need to define/focus your topic to a managable topic to argue.
Then you’ll need to create arguments using the tools that we have discussed in class.  You’ll be using Toulmin arguments and constructing ethos, pathos, and logos to help prove your points.  Remember, your audience is an academic audience, and so you’ll need to be precise in constructing and maintaining your argument.  Your audience will be critical of your argument; they will be skeptical and will seek out and attack any holes in your argument.
One thing you’ll need to do to gain credibility with your audience is to do research. Again, like with the explaining essay, the deeper the research, the better. The research should be used to back and prove your own opinion, but it also helps if you know what the opposition is thinking, so you might do research to that end, too.
List of Topic
Should people be allowed to hunt big game animals in Africa?
Should people be required to spay/neuter non-papered dogs?
Are zoos a good thing for animals or a bad thing?
Should we create laws where we build on developed land that’s been deserted before we build on open land?
What should be done with “open spaces?”
Should a certain “non-human species” get the status as “a people?” (Examples of non-humans: Robots, AI, dolphins, octopuses),

Should we continue to print paper money?
What are the benefits or the detriments of digital currency and banking (using only ATM cards/getting and paying for things automatically)?
Is cryptocurrency beneficial? How so?
Should there be universal basic income?
Should companies be allowed to patent food?
Should companies be allowed to patent life?

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Should there be a municipal/public internet infrastructure?
Should access to the internet be a basic right?
Is Facebook (or any other social media) more beneficial than it is detrimental?
Should we be afraid of the singularity?
Are 3D movies still the wave of the future? What about VR?
What are the benefits or detriments to micro-transactions in video games?
Should owners of phones and computers have the right to encrypt their data?
Should remote controlled aircrafts (or “drones”) be regulated?
Lifestyle/Pop Culture:
Are dinner manners important?
Should parents be allowed to bring toddlers to movies that are rated PG and over?
Should jobs enforce dress codes?
Should we allow Disney to just buy all the cool IPs?

Should the NCAA compensate its players?
Should high schools invest more or less money into sports?
Should pro basketball or football teams be allowed to “throw” a season to gain an advantage in drafts and trades?
Should the NBA season be shorter?
Should the MLB season be shorter?

Must be 6-8 pages. MLA style.
Must use at least 4 critical sources to make your argument.
Peer reviews due:           Final draft due:


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