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Personal Risk and Professional Behavior

Personal Risk and Professional Behavior

Think about the relevant characteristics of the community you work with or the agency itself that might pose a risk. Review a type of safety risk you may face at a practicum site.

Answer the following questions:

1. Does your agency have a formal plan or training session to deal with disasters and/or risky situations posed by clients or colleagues? If so, was the plan presented to you in an understandable fashion?

2. Does the plan include what victims should do after the disaster or situation (document, seek counseling)?

3. Have you encountered any risky situations during your practicum?

4. If so, how did you handle these situations? If not, how do you think you would you handle them?

5. Consider what you have learned in other courses about leadership, ethics, and professional behavior.

6. How might safety risks be minimized by engaging in professional behavior?

Please applied the Application Assignment Rubric when writing the Paper

I. Paper should demonstrate an excellent understanding of all of the concepts and key points presented in the texts.

II. Paper provides significant detail including multiple relevant examples, evidence from the readings and other sources, and discerning ideas.

III. Paper should be well organized, uses scholarly tone, follows APA style, uses original writing and proper paraphrasing, contains very few or no writing and/or spelling errors, and is fully consistent with graduate level writing style.

IV. Paper should be mostly consistent with graduate level writing style.
Your initial postings must be 350 words (not including the full references).

Please support your work with specific citations to ensure your citations in the text and reference list.

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