Paul’s Sketch/Sketch of the Apostle Paul

Paper details:
Sketch of the Apostle Paul
This assignment will provide the student with a general picture of one of the most influential
writers of the New Testament and the Christian church in general.
Assignment Requirements:
? Your name, course, and title must be prominent on the paper
? Double spaced
? Paper must be at least (bare minimum) of 600 words (150?word minimum for each
section of the paper). Word count can be easily tracked in Microsoft word. A count is
usually?????? shown at the bottom of the document. Word count can also be tracked by clicking
?tools? in the top menu bar and then on ?word count.? The reason for a word count
restriction versus a page restriction is to allow for as much creativity as the student
desires. This assignment provides the student with a resource that can be referenced later
in conversations or study regarding the New Testament.
? For the paper, you will have the following 4 sections. (Each section should have a bold
heading introducing that section.)
o Personality Sketch
o Pre?conversion Role
o Conversion
o Post?conversion Role
? Here are the passages you can use to write this paper. Do not quote the Scriptures. You
can provided references if you wish (i.e. Phil 3:5). The goal is for you to summarize your
understanding based on what you can deduce from the Scriptures regarding Paul in each
of these sections.
o Acts 7:58?8:3
o Acts 9:1?30
o Acts 13:1?3, 9
o Acts 19:11?12
o Acts 16:16?18
o Acts 22:6?21
o Acts 24:1?25:12
o Acts 26:12?18
o Galatians 1:11?24
o Philippians 3:4?6
o 2 Corinthians 10:10; 11:16?12:13
o 1 Corinthians 9:19?23
o 1 Timothy 1:12?17
? Here is an explanation of what is expected for each section:
o Personality Sketch: Describe what you perceive Paul?s personality to be. What
clues does he give you in the text?
o Pre?conversion Role: What role(s) did ?Saul? play before he gave his life over to
serving Jesus Christ?
o Conversion: How did ?Saul? come to trust in Jesus Christ?
o Post?conversion Role: What was his life like after trusting Christ? What role(s)
did he play?

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Paul’s Sketch/Sketch of the Apostle Paul
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