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Nursing Theory/Philosophie

Make headers for each of the paradigm and then describe what each paradigm means to you. Include your values and belief and philosophy of nursing practice for Betty Neuman Model System in regards to:

Betty Neuman Model System

} PERSON Human being is a total person as a client system and the person is a layered multidimensional being.
} Each layer consists of five person variable or subsystems:
◦ Physiological – Refers of the physicochemical structure and function of the body.
◦ Psychological – Refers to mental processes and emotions.
◦ Socio-cultural – Refers to relationships and social/cultural expectations and activities.
◦ Spiritual – Refers to the influence of spiritual beliefs.
◦ Developmental – Refers to those processes related to development over the lifespan.
} \”the totality of the internal and external forces (intrapersonal, interpersonal and extra-personal stressors) which surround a person and with which they interact at any given time.\”
} The internal environment exists within the client system.
} The external environment exists outside the client system.
} The created environment is an environment that is created and developed unconsciously by the client and is symbolic of system wholeness.
} Health is equated with wellness.
} “the condition in which all parts and subparts (variables) are in harmony with the whole of the client (Neuman, 1995)”.
} The client system moves toward illness and death when more energy is needed than is available. The client system moved toward wellness when more energy is available than is needed
} a unique profession that is concerned with all of the variables which influence the response a person might have to a stressor.
} person is seen as a whole, and it is the task of nursing to address the whole person.
} Neuman defines nursing as “action which assist individuals, families and groups to maintain a maximum level of wellness, and the primary aim is stability of the patient/client system, through nursing interventions to reduce stressors.’’
} The role of the nurse is seen in terms of degree of reaction to stressors, and the use of primary, secondary and tertiary interventions


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