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Nursing Theories of Aging Essay

Select a health condition and Nursing Theory from the Topic Sign-up list on the left-hand tool bar. Only one student can sign up for each topic and once the choice is made, it cannot be revised.

Complete an essay on the chosen health condition and Aging Theory located in the textbook or relevant Nursing theory. Include the Dimensions of Wellness in relation to a specific health condition. Provide a brief description of each and summarize how the three components (disease, theory, & Dimensions of Wellness) fit together with an example for nursing practice. dimensions of Wellness are located on pp. 22, 23 (2012) or pp. 6, 7 (2016) of textbook.

The use your Nursing (Theory) textbooks as well as outside sources is encouraged. See the Resources section for help in determining qualified outside sources. Follow this link to locate information for specific nursing theories, http://currentnursing.com/nursing_theory/

Suggested headings:


Health condition

Nursing theory

Dimensions of Wellness


Paper is to be written in APA format, not to exceed four (4) pages of content. The use of direct quotations is limited to one direct quote per paper. Reference page is to be submitted separately from content to decrease Safe Assign scores. A cover pages is required, but not included in the page count. Reference page is not included in total page count, must be submitted into separate dropbox. See APA Manual for styling, formatting and the use of headings.

ATTENTION: All students are required to submit their final essay in the appropriate dropbox. When submitting papers, they will automatically be submitted to Safe Assign. Final papers with a matching percentage of 40% or more will receive a ZERO for the assignment grade. Papers exceeding the page limit will have only the first four (4) pages of content graded.

The Reference page will be submitted separately into the appropriate dropbox below.

It is recommended that students submit to the Draft Safe Assign drop boxes in order to check their matching percentage before submitting the final assignment. There are 2 draft drop boxes below

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