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Nigeria oil spill

Nigeria oil spill

-this is a part two to a previous assignment
– the first assignment was in regard to the Nigeria oil spill about how the shell corporations affected the country
-in the second part of the assignment I need to come up with a few solutions to the identified problem – the Nigeria oil spill caused by MNC shell
-please read the first initial paper and write a second part on the same format
-part two of the Nigeria oil crisis
-in short please identify the solutions they came up with and whether or not they have been efficient
-then more descriptively come up with your own ideas on what may have done
– say more ideas on what can be done to fix the problems
-please diiscuss what you consider to be the primary polictical economical and or social obstacles standing in the way of a comprehensive resolution to the environmental crisis
-please address the types of structural changes, policies and or strategies that the environmental movement might pursue in order to overcome these obstacles
-you may want to focus on the need for campaign finance reform or a new chemical policy
-adress the implications of the globalization of capital on traditional tactic for achieving environmental protection
-or how to reform a superfund
-please be sure to analyze why the changes that you propose are required as well as why they might be efficient
-please use the added documents in the solutions
-please cite everywhere you get the infor absolutely everything
-please be exact dont use things like they them etc say exactly who where and what happened
-please have a strong clear thesis
-please cite the book document at least once

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