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NBD methods of communications and stakeholder management

Master of Science in Management Engineering
Instructions for the Take Home Comprehensive Exam

• Your answer must provide a customization of the PMBOK inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs as applied to the appropriate knowledge areas and process groups. Provide reference to PMBOK5.
• You are required to cite evidence from no fewer than five (5) articles from accepted industrial or academic journals.
• You may refer to the NBD case study concentrating on project administration (p.45). Where there is a conflict between this document and the case study, the question description will hold.
Format (Margins 1” around; double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font) (12-15 pages without the cover page and reference list page.)
• Cover Page: Name, Program Name, Date, Question
• Introduction (Executive Summary): This section provides a convincing summary of the rest of your document. It is to be written so that Keri and Stan, the owners of NBD, would be able to understand it without a glossary.
• Body: Present the answers to the posed questions and be sure to structure each paragraph so that the main idea is supported by detailed evidence from the literature. Make sure there is no ambiguity in terms of citation placement. You will be judged on your ability to apply professional knowledge as well as to think critically and analytically.
• Conclusion (Recommendation): The conclusion applies the evidence presented in the body to your recommendation for the overall topic. This should be a solid discussion with numerous information technology concepts applied (remember that the short version is in the executive summary).
• Bibliography: Follow APA format for reference lists.

A has tripled in size (Income = $15,000,000), has about 100 employees, and is finding that their processes have not grown with the company. The current NBD landscape project life cycle is as follows:
• A project is initiated when the Chief Designer meets with the Salesperson.
• The Chief Designer assigns a Designer to the project.
• The Designer meets with the Client to determine the scope of the project.
• The Designer, using an estimated bid amount, determines the number of hours to spend on the design stage and generates a Design Budget.
• During the design stage, The Designer creates preliminary sketches and determines the details of the Design Bid.
• After the Design Group Manager approves the Design Bid, the Designer meets with the Client and receives feedback on the design details.
• The Designer continues to meet with the client until the Client either accepts or rejects the Design Bid (upon client rejection, the project is closed).
• Once approved by the client, the designer completes formal sketches and blueprints.
• These formal diagrams are forwarded to the Production Group Manager who uses them as input for the generation of the first Production Plan, which serves as the budget document for the Production stage. The Chief Designer must approve the Production Plan and then will assign staff.
• Once production begins, the Lead Production Worker distributes the daily instructions, based on the current version of the Production Plan, for labor and materials
• The Greenhouse Clerk verifies that the proper materials are loaded onto the trucks for delivery to the Client site.
• The Lead Production Worker informs the Production Workers of the tasks to be done for that day and records the actual time the tasks took to be accomplished. The Lead Production Worker also records any work not done so that the Production Plan schedule and staffing may be updated as needed.
• Designers act as overseer for the production stage.
• Designers independently record their activity daily regardless of the stage of any projects they are working on.
• Once installation is complete the project and payment is received, the project is closed.
Some other facts:
• NBD projects are budgeted by the Production Group Manager (production stage) and the Designer (design stage).
• Quality control: handled by the designer
• Collection of actual cost data: handled by the greenhouse clerk (actual materials), the lead production worker (actual production labor), and the designer(s) (actual design labor).
If NBD were to institute the position/role of project manager for each landscape project…

Examination question:

Describe NBD’s current method of communications and stakeholder management.
• What would the addition of the project manager’s position/role add to the method?
• What adjustments should be made to this procedure or is a completely new method necessary with the addition of a project manager?
• What is the impact on the other knowledge areas?
• What are the risks involved with maintaining the current method versus implementing a new method?
• What new method of communications and stakeholder management would you recommend for NBD?
• Develop a communications matrix indicating types of documents and the appropriate NBD recipients.
In your conclusion give a fully supported recommendation as to how NBD should change or maintain its method of communications and stakeholder management

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