National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse

National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse

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National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse
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Project description


Go to the National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse and locate a report on an experiment you find interesting. Make sure you choose an experiment and not some other kind of study.

Based on your finding an experiment, answer the following questions in a short paper:
What is/are the independent variable(s)?
What is/are the dependent variable(s)?
Can you identify any extraneous and/or nuisance variables?
What are the operational definitions of the independent and dependent variables?
What type of independent variable did the experimenter(s) manipulate?
How was the dependent variable measured or recorded?
Was the dependent variable recorded using reactive or nonreactive measures?
Did the experimenter employ any techniques to control extraneous variables?
Did you detect any potential threats to the internal validity of the experiment?


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