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Music concert | Article writing homework help

Complete pre-concert tasks (plan to spend 2-3 hours on this). complete them before the concert. This will include more specific instructions to guide your listening as well as resources for you to explore on your own.


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Music concert | Article writing homework help
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Symphonies Silenced, Sonatas Streamed: The State of Classical Music During COVID-19

Bashford 2001 document 

Preconcert Task PDF

2. Watch Chamber Music Concert in  for Thursday, December 10th at 6pm PT (Los Angeles Time) IT IS LIVE with special attention to specific pieces laid out in the pre-concert tasks. We will be focusing on music by women composers.


3. Participate in post-concert discussion forum. This is to simulate the conversations that would have taken place among students at the concert itself had we attended a live event together. Students will post one reaction of 3-5 sentences of one response.

Compose a short (3-5 sentence) response to ONE of the questions listed below. Respond to at least ONE of your peer’s posts.

1. What was your favorite selection from the concert? Why?

2. How successful was the virtual format of the concert?

3. What, if anything, surprised you about the performance? What went as you expected?

4. Submit final concert report

 report should connect information from the pre-concert tasks to your experience of the concert. 
Your concert report (2-3 pages, double-spaced, MS Word doc or PDF only please) will connect your pre-concert preparation to your actual experience viewing the virtual performance. 

This report should be considered relatively informal writing (I encourage you to write in the 1st person), but should not merely consist of your opinion or reaction to the performance.

 You do not need to include any formal citations in your report. How you structure your paper is completely up to you, but a successful paper must contain ALL THREE of the following elements:

1.     Reflection on your personal experience of the concert

2.     Connection to the readings (perhaps by addressing one or more of the questions posed in the pre-concert activities)

3.     Some background on your chosen composer/piece and reflection on how your research affected your listening experience

Happy writing!

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