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Module 4 research project | Accounting homework help


This module provides a good opportunity to form tax research skills. As a future accountant it is important to develop the habit of identifying tax planning strategies using available resources (Internet, tax services, etc.).

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Module 4 research project | Accounting homework help
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For this research project submit one or two articles that you have found on the Internet. The article should discuss a tax planning idea related to Employer/Employee Compensation, Retirement Savings, Deferred Compensation, or Home Ownership. For every article submitted, classify the type of tax planning strategy (timing, income shifting, conversion), and provide a brief overview of the tax planning strategy to the class using Microsoft PowerPoint. 


After following the information above, you should submit your article(s) and a Presentation of tax planning that includes one of the strategies discussed in the textbook (timing, income shifting, conversion).

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