Millennials: A Look Into Social Media Users

A four paragraph essay after reading the 2016 Nielson Social Media Report classify two specific benefits of daily social media usage that critics would more than likely disagree with and who would rather criticize Millennials as an example of their ‘fixation’ on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc… Offer comparisons as to the specific criticism and the benefit to support your thesis statement. Integrate supporting quotes from the 2016 Neilson Report. Introduction paragraph begins with two relevant and thought provoking lead in questions and thesis statement must begin with a complex sentence followed by a brief introduction/summary of the 2016 Neilson report. Body par. 1 topic sentence identifies one benefit that challenges criticism. Body par.2 topic sentence identifies the ‘most important benefit’ challenge by critics. Conclusion par. provide self-reflection, final assessment, and/or recommendation.

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Millennials: A Look Into Social Media Users
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