The economist Jeffrey Sachs argues that specific and achievable goals help to develop more effective policy reforms. As an example, he quotes President John F. Kennedy who gave the commencement address at American University in 1963. In that speech, Kennedy said: “By defining our goal more clearly, by making it seem more manageable and less remote, we can help all people to see it, to draw hope from it and to move irresistibly towards it.” Kennedy meant the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty needed to have specific and achievable goals to be effective, and Sachs meant that the clarity of the Millennium Development Goals has helped achieve policy reform. How would you use the same idea of specific and achievable goals to think about changes in policy or society in relation to sustainability? What are the meanings of “sustainability” and “globalization” to you, both personally and in the context of your family history. This may focus on your personal sustainability goals & their implications. Also, examine the impact of the topics we study 25 years from now.  What can we do globally as individuals or communities to be sustainable? Specifically,

(i)                  Justify the relevance of Kennedy’s statement with

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the UN Sustainable Development Goals with specific references to the role of governments and private corporations.

(ii)                Identify three of the SDGs that you consider important (as they relate to either your local community or to your core values). With the three selected SDGs, evaluate the interdependence of those goals while considering how the funding needs and action plans for the goals are interconnected. T

Page requirements: 5-7 pages (double spaced, New Times Roman, 11 point font), include a Works Page with at least 3 academic sources formatted in MLA style. All sources must be listed on a separate bibliography page and attached to the back of your paper. The bibliography page does not count toward the 5-7 page requirements. Papers less than 5 complete pages will not be accepted.


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