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Microbiology Lab week 3 Review

Week 4 – Review Sheet Exercise 6: Protozoa and animal parasites
1. Describe the basic structures of protozoa. Can these same structures be seen in bacteria using a light microscope?
2. Are any parasitic diseases directly communicable from person to person? If so, how are they transmitted?
3. What kinds of precautions should be taken in caring for persons with directly transmissible parasitic infections?
4. What parasitic forms can be seen in the feces of a patient with hookworm? Cryptosporidiosis? Tapeworm? Trichinosis?
5. What parasitic forms can be seen in the blood of a patient with African sleeping sickness? Filariasis? Amebiasis?
6. What is meant by the “life cycle” of a parasite? What importance does it have to those who take care of patients with parasitic diseases?

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