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Mexican Drug Cartel’s a threat to US Sovereignty

Prepare a 6 page Essay, double spaced, (not including citations and bibliography) 12 point font . Formal citations will be required in Chicago style using endnotes NOT FOOTNOTES, please use the reference function in MS Word to insert Endnotes so that they can be adjusted if needed. Please email me and ask if you have any questions, I am happy to help or give direction if required.
Focus on military options (from small to large, across the Range Of Military Operations) in support of United States national security objectives against the Mexican Drug Cartel’s challenge to US sovereignty.
Create an analytical essay that examines the role that the US military should play, using a whole of government approach, in confronting the challenge and resolving the transnational threat. Make recommendations for (DIME) Diplomatic, Information, Military, and Economic solutions.

Understanding the limited utility in using the Military to “fix” many of the problems. This is certainly true, and the need for greater interagency and international effort and cooperation should be a given. This does not mean that the military plays no role and /or has no utility, discuss what military options exist to support without challenging the sovereignty of Mexico.

-Analyze the relationship between the Range of Military Operations (ROMO) and the
spectrum of conflict. Comprehend the global security environment and U.S. strategy and policy within their historical context. Evaluate interorganizational efforts in support of U.S. strategic objectives.
Analyze the dynamic interaction between cultures in conflict across the Range of Military
Operations. Background and Analysis is important, cite grievances and link this to recommendations,
Analyze the Drug Cartel threat, how does it affect Mexican and USA sovereignty and how the threat affects the US.


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