Media Ownership Paper

Double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, no cover page.

For this paper you will research and reflect on a media product (or company whose products you use), such as a streaming music or movie service, cable television provider, content producer, specific album/television show/movie/radio program, book or book series, magazine, website, videogame, etc.

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Media Ownership Paper
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Note: You cannot choose either Snapchat or Tidal, which will be discussed as examples in class.

In this five-to-seven (5-7) page paper (at least five full pages), you will answer the following questions:

1. Who created the product? Was it an individual? A company? When was it created? What is the history of this company, product, etc.?

Who owns the product now? Is there a parent company? Who owns the parent company? Can you trace the ownership of this product to a single or small group of people?
What other products does this company own? What other companies (and products) does the parent company own?
In what ways does ownership by this parent company influence this product? How does the ownership of other properties (and companies) influence this product? Are there any contradictions or ironies? For example, does the parent company own a fast-food company and a chain of fitness centers?
How do these findings influence your future consumption of this product?
Your research needs to be thorough, detailed, and cited using standard MLA style. Your paper must include a “works cited” section in MLA format, which does not apply to the page count.

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