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McGregor’s Theory X

McGregor’s Theory X

Paper instructions:
1. Managers who accept the assumptions of McGregor’s Theory X are likely to design a very different work situation than managers who accept the assumptions of Theory Y. Discuss how managers who are committed to Theory X assumptions are likely to organize their work environment in terms of their relationships with their subordinates.
2. Restructuring” is a popular management technique used in business today. Discuss why “restructuring” is used, does “restructuring” work, and how does “restructuring” impact employee empowerment.
3.You are an IHRM and your corporation wholly owns its international subsidiaries. Your best friend is an IHRM for an international company that franchises its international operations. Explain how your duties differ and which you would prefer and why.
4.as an HRM, do you think that your role would be more challenging in a domestic role or international HRM? Why?

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