management essay


Write a reflective essay regarding the systems development environment and the sources of software. This assignment covers Course Objective 2.

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management essay
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This essay should cover the following topical area.

1.     Information Systems Project Management

o    Why is the process of identifying and selecting projects so crucial to an organization’s success? Discuss the reasons why organizations undertake information system projects.

o    As we understand why organizations undertake information system projects, also consider the skills needed to lead the change effort; those of a project manager (PM). What exactly is a project manager? What skills are needed to be a successful project manager?

o    What are some sources of risk in a systems analysis and design project, and how does a project manager cope with risk during the stages of project management? 

Use APA format

•       You are expected to cite two to three academic references.

•       The essay should be two to three pages in length, double spaced, with standard margins.

Make sure your essay contains your name, the week, and the topic on the cover page.

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