Maggie Taylor

250 word paper shared on google docs about your artist’s intent, historical context, and the “why” behind the art. (Quarter 3)
Choose an artist (no duplicates in a class) and share a slideshow with me (made in google docs) of 6 slides of ONLY IMAGES of your artists work by Due: 5/6 (40 pts.)
1 paragraph per slide. Each paragraph has 5 sentences. Your 1st of 3 paragraphs that explain slides 1-3 are(25 pts.) Due: 5/13
5 sentence paragraphs for each of the last 3 slides (25 pts.)5/20
Revisions of your paragraphs Due: June 1st
Presentations will be given the last week of class: June 3rd-10th (there will be no time available to work on ceramic projects during that week in class).

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Maggie Taylor
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