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Legislative Essay

Legislative Issues among the Elderly and Disabled Essay

The IOM Future of Nursing report calls for an increase in leadership from nurses at all levels. One way nurses demonstrate their role as a leader, is through public policy change.

This assignment requires thought about a public policy that is needed or needs to be changed that relates to the elderly or disabled population. Policy changes can occur by working with members of your legislature, and state or national nurses associations, to introduce a change to a current bill or law in your state or federal government.

Propose a health policy change at the state or federal level that you believe needs to change and why. This needs to be in proper APA format including a title and reference page. **Note: The policy cannot be a clinical care policy for individual care (i.e. CHF care)**


Entitle your paper with the name of the piece of legislation
Describe in one paragraph the current bill or law including the title.
Describe the reason(s) you feel the current bill or law is not effective for this population.
Detail the specific section you would change and why.
Discuss who would be the champion (change agent) for the bill/law change from your state advocates (legislators, federal legislators, local or national state nursing organizations) and why they are right in this role (for example, have they supported legislation like this before, etc.)
See Course Resources for suggested topics

Paper is to be written in APA format, not to exceed four (4) pages of content. Reference page is to be submitted separately from content to decrease Safe Assign scores. Cover pages is required, but not considered in page count. Reference page is not included in total page count. See APA Manual for styling, formatting and the use of headings.

ATTENTION: All students are required to submit their final essay in the appropriate dropbox. When submitting papers, they will automatically be submitted to Safe Assign. Final papers with a matching percentage of 40% or more will receive a ZERO for the assignment grade. Papers exceeding the page limit will have only the first four (4) pages graded.

The Reference page will be submitted separately into the appropriate dropbox in the Module.

It is recommended that students submit to the Draft Safe Assign drop boxes in order to check their matching percentage before submitting the final assignment. There are 2 draft drop boxes.

Submit by 11:59pm CST Sunday of Module 4.

Click the link above then click the View Rubric button below to review grading criteria.

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