Le morte d’Arthur, English homework help

1) In the following sentence, which word would best replace the word “shook?”

Upon recognizing his enemies, King Arthur shook his sword menacingly.

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Le morte d’Arthur, English homework help
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a- Peril

b- Brandished

c- Askance

d- Flung

2) Which quote from Sir Bedivere best exemplifies the ideals of honor and duty to King Arthur, even in death?

a- “God speed you well!” said Sir Bedivere.

b- “My lord,” said Sir Bedivere, “your command shall be done, and quickly I shall bring you word back.”

c- Then Sir Bedivere took the king upon his back and so went with him to the water’s side.

d- “For hence I will never go of my own will. But all the days of my life I will be here to pray for my lord, Arthur.

3) Loyalty is an ideal that is discussed in Le Morte d’Arthur. Which excerpt from the story indicates King Arthur’s displeasure with a lack of loyalty displayed by Sir Bedivere?

a- Who would have thought that thou who hast been to me so lief and dear and thou who art called a noble knight would betray me for the richness of this sword?

b- “Jesus, mercy!” said the king. “Where are all my noble knights?”

c- “Comfort thyself,” said the king, “and do as well as thou may, for in me is no more trust to trust in.”

d- “Alas! This unhappy day!”

4) Legendary figures are often ascribed certain qualities that suggest immortality. Which excerpt connects King Arthur to the idea of immortality?

a- There they entreated Sir Mordred a long time , and at last it was agreed for Sir Mordred to have Cornwall and Kent during King Arthur’s days and all of England after the king’s days.

b- “Thus God hath given me leave to warn you away from your death: for if ye fight tomorn with Sir Mordred…”

c- “Leave this mourning and weeping,” said the king, “for this will not avail me.”

d- And men say that he shall come again and shall win the Holy Cross.

5) Which excerpt from the story best identifies King Arthur as a legendary fighter?

a- “Now give me my spear,” said King Arthur to Sir Lucan, “for yonder I have spied the traitor who hath wrought all this woe.”

b- … at once the king called upon his knights, squires, and yeomen and charged them quickly to fetch his noble lords and wise bishops unto him.

c- Then King Arthur smote Sir Mordred under the shield with a thrust of his spear on through the body more than a fathom.

d- Then King Arthur was madly wroth out of measure, when he saw that so many of his people were slain.

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