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Language in Action

Language in Action
Write about 2500 words including the analysis of one or more speech events in which you identify the significance of some of the language features explored in the module.
An example is discussed in class in week 8 and further examples in weeks 9, 10 and 11.

The speech event/s must be original (not made up) and may be taken from any sources including: dialogues from TV/Radio programmes, plays or films, online ‘conversations’, recorded live conversations (formal or informal settings) etc. The source must be clearly indicated.

You will need to demonstrate how a particular wide-ranging ‘goal’ or ‘goals (e.g. humor, persuasion, entertainment, self-assertion, relationship-building, authority-preserving…) is/are achieved through the combination of different expressive strategies in which meaning is expressed more or less directly. You need to include at least three aspects or patterns of indirectness, as covered in class.

A comparison of two or more speech events, highlighting differences and/or similarities in the way that goals are achieved may be a good option. It may also be interesting to show how different linguistic strategies may be used to achieve similar goals depending on cultural differences.

You will need to use appropriate conventions to highlight relevant expressive features (pauses, louder voice, interruptions, laughter etc.) and accompanying contextual information (gestures, movement, facial expressions, location…) in your transcripts (key to be provided).
The transcripts must be attached in an Appendix and are not included in the word count. Representative examples are to be discussed and included in the main text.
Give line numbers for the examples so the reader can locate them in the fuller excerpts in the Appendix.

Depending on the chosen speech event, you will need to research particular expressive features in more detail and additional reading (other than the core book) is recommended and expected (to be referred to in the References section at the end).

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