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Lady Serenity

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The highlighted line is the part I am responsible for. We are creating a anger mabagement group for women who have a violent history such as fighting, disorderly conduct, agression ect. This will be an all women group the ages will be 18 to 25yrs. This group will only have 6 women who are mandated by the court to attend. The group will be held 2 times a week Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:30 amd Saturday from 11am to 1pm. The activities will be done on Saturdays which are.. stretching in the beginning of the group, then meditation and than music Therapy which will include 3 songs. I don’t think all the information I provided is needed in my part, I just wanted you to know everything. I am responsible for the description of the activity and it’s relevance. Below is the instructions.

Group Programming Assignment – SWK360
Paper and Group Activity
For this assignment, the instructor will divide the class into teams of three or four students with each group randomly assigned a population (aged, children, adolescents, e.g.) or a field of practice (medical social work, school social work, substance abuse, domestic violence, e.g.).The team’s task will be to develop a group activity for any subset of that assigned population for use at a specific time in the group’s development. For example, students might be assigned to design a group activity for substance abusers and could choose to plan a group activity to be used in beginnings specifically for adolescents who have been mandated by the court for crimes related to prescription drug abuse. One of many “ice-breaking” activities, games, or exercises might be appropriate for this group in which there are likely many resistances for members in sharing their personal experiences with others before trust has been achieved. Using the same field of practice, substance abuse, students could instead create a group activity for a middle phase group of women who have lost custody of their children as a result of substance abuse. This group activity might involve the members in role playing focused on fantasizing the various problems and solutions when their children are returned to them. Once the team has identified the kind of group activity they would like to develop, they will begin the process of planning the activity (Brandler and Roman, Chapter 6). The areas to consider in program development include needs assessment of the population served by the activity, a description of the activity and its relevance to addressing those needs, phase issues in the use of the activity, the therapeutic value in using this activity, and modifications of the activity for use with at least one other population. The entire team will participate in the overall planning of the activity, making decisions together about each of these elements. The members will draw lots to determine who will be responsible for writing about which areas. Individual written assignments should be of approximately three pages in length.
Each of the programming teams will demonstrate the use of the group activity they have chosen.Students who are presenting will be responsible for any supplies needed (crayons, music, magazines, games, sports equipment, etc.), will set up the space accordingly, and will decide if refreshments are to be served and, if necessary, provide them. Students not on the presenting team will participate in the activities as if they are actual members of the proposed group. After the activity (about an hour in duration), all of the students will critique the program, noting its appropriateness to the population served, its usefulness in addressing the needs of group members, its relationship to the suggested phase, and the ways in which the group workers successfully or not so successfully engaged the group members around the purpose of the program. The class will also consider issues of applicability to diverse and special needs populations. In general, students will be asked whether they felt that the activity was stimulating, enjoyable, and maintained their interest.
Each program team member will receive a group grade for the presentation and an individual grade for the written assignment.Please note that this assignment requires that all elements of programming be evidence-based, that the decisions about any particular choices for a group correspond to what is known about the population and is backed up by the research literature. As always, written assignments should therefore include appropriate referencing.
This is for a Social Work class


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