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Lack of motivation in workplace

  1. Identify the problem:  In this section, you will give a background about the organization including its purpose, its culture, and the environment. Then, you will explain the problem by giving specific behavioral examples, including poor employee attitudes and any negative outcomes you can identify as a result (e.g. employees less productive, they steal from work, etc.).
    2.    Theory Description:  In this section, you will explain the theory or construct that you think explains the problem at work. For example, if you think that the problem at work lies with a lack of engagement, you will define the theory of employee engagement that you are using as well as all of the components or aspects of that theory. You do not need to mention the job you are using in this section, as it is strictly meant for describing the theory.
    3.    Analysis:  In this section, you will identify how the problem at work is explained by the theory you just described above. Each component of the theory that you described should be represented here and explained in relation to the problem you identified in section 1.  If it does not relate to the problem, explicitly state that and explain why.   For example, if you are using Goal-Setting Theory and you think that employees are setting goals that are specific, but not attainable, you would explain that specificity is not a problem, but that the goals are too hard or difficult to reach and provide an example.
    4.    Proposal:  In this final section, you will be using the theory to come up with a solution for the problem you have outlined. For this solution, you may assume that your job has unlimited resources. With these resources, come up with a way that you would use the theory to improve working conditions. For example, if you are using Goal-Setting Theory, your solution may be to create a goal-setting system in which employees meet with managers to come up with goals and later review whether goals were met, you would then explain why the solution relates to the theory and why it helps (i.e. it sets direction and motivates employee performance).

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