1.    Consider Thomas Pogge’s or another theorist’s criticisms of John Rawls’s ‘Law of Peoples’. Is this a good objection? What might Rawls argue in reply?

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Must refer to the following readings;

John Rawls, ‘The Law of Peoples’, Critical Inquiry
(1993) Vol. 20, Autumn
Case study: ‘Rwandan Health Care Miracle’

Thomas Pogge, ‘Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty’, Ethics, (1992)

Thomas Pogge, ‘An Egalitarian Law of Peoples,’ Philosophy & Public Affairs (1994)

Mathias Risse, ‘Do We Owe the Global Poor Assistance or Rectification?’, Ethics and International Affairs 19.1 (2005)

Thomas Pogge, ‘Reply to the Critics: Severe Poverty as a Violation of Negative Duties’, Ethics and International Affairs 19.1 (2005)


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