Journal Ch. 8 – Cognition and Language

Guidelines for the Journal Assignment

The study of psychology is based on the observation of human behavior, mental processes, and growth and development. Because this is a study of human beings, rather than an abstract science like some aspects of mathematics or quantum physics, it should be possible for the student to apply the knowledge gained from psychology to real events in their lives: to themselves and other people they come in contact with. These journals provide the student the opportunity to apply the material studied to themselves in a practical and useful way which is intended to help the student gain insight in a manner that is helpful to them in an applied, meaningful way.

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Journal Ch. 8 – Cognition and Language
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Each student will write a minimum of five journals applying the material from the text to aspects of their life as they see fit. The journal will be typed, double spaced in a 12 pt. font. The paper should be two pages in length. Further explanations of this assignment will be provided in class

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