Intensive Supervision Probation

Initial post: Based on assigned course readings and your own review of the literature, consider the merits and
detriments of maintaining an intensive supervision probation (ISP) caseload. If a chief probation officer asked
you whether his/her agency should institute an ISP caseload, what would you recommend, and why? Explain
your answer, citing at least one (1) assigned reading and one (1) additional reliable source in proper APA format
to support your conclusions.
Response posts: In responses to at least two classmates, state whether you agree or disagree with their
conclusions and why. Include at least one strength and one weakness that you observed in their argument.
Instructions: Your initial post is due by Thursday at 11:59PM EST. It should be:

Titled ?Initial Post”.

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Intensive Supervision Probation
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Approximately 300 words in length.

Supported with evidence.
Respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ or instructors’ postings by Sunday at 11:59PM EST.

You must submit your initial post before you will be able to see posts from other students.

Each response post should be approximately 200 words in length
Your posts should adhere to APA style standards and include the references for the sources cited.
Your performance will be measured based on the Discussion Board Grading Rubric.

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