Indigenous heritage place review–Effigy mounds in the United States

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Indigenous heritage place review–Effigy mounds in the United States
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Heritage place: Effigy mounds in the United States!!

Report on an indigenous ‘national’ heritage place (term ‘place’ refers to sites, landscapes, sea-scapes and serial places and cultural routes)

Chose a place and prepare a National Heritage Indigenous place report.

The texts/readings for this unit define key elements of the indigenous heritage process and alert students to matters that should be taken into consideration when evaluating Indigenous places.

Length: 1,500 words, ILLUSTRATIONS SUCH AS MAPS and PHOTOGRAPHS ARE REQUIRED!! and must be captioned, sourced and referred to in the text.

1. Understanding the Place
Describe the location and context of the place you have chosen.
Outline the history and historical context showing evidence of your research.
Describe and analyse the physical fabric of the place noting evidence of change over time.
Look closely at overt and covert expressions of values

2. Assessment of ‘national’ values
Apply various guidelines to review the criteria that apply to the place that you have chosen.
Discuss each of the criteria in turn and then prepare a Summary Statement of Significance. Consider whether the place meets the threshold for ‘national’ values or has there been a bit of puffery.

3. Management Issues
Outline any specific or general threats to the ‘national’ values of the place you have chosen. Discuss any opportunities or constraints arising from the nature of the values of the place.

4. Overall international context and issues
Clearly state the issues that impinge upon best practice conservation and management of the place.


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