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In the mid-1990’s, the Hasting’s Center outlined four broad goals of medicine: (1) disease prevention and health maintenance and promotion (2) relief of pain and mitigation of suffering caused by disease or injury (3) care and cure of those with an ailment

1. Meets technical requirements for paper 1.1.Title 1.2. Name 1.3.Introduction 1.4.Discussion 1.5.Conclusion
 1.6.References 1.7.Format Requirements (Format; 12 pt font, 1inch margins, Page numbers and running head) 1.8. 2000 words limit (all inclusive) 
 1.9. 1000 words minimum (all inclusive) 
 1.10. Sources credited properly 1.11 Free of major grammatical errors 
 2. Has a thesis 
 3. Thesis is linked to class assignment, i.e. paper is responsive to the prompt, assignment, class. 
 4. Issues are presented within the healthcare context and linked to medical humanities. 
 5. Thesis is stated taking into consideration the complexity of the issue 
 6. Conclusions and implications flow generally from analysis 
 7. Analyzes strengths and weakness of the issue 
 8. Paper does not simply restate facts 
 9. Provides sources in addition to class materials, if applicable 
 10. Provides adequate sources that are relevant and reliable for understanding (Please use APA Style manual, 6th edition)

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