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Identity-Based Needs

Identity-Based Needs
Needs are at the center of all conflicts. The continuum of needs includes survival needs, interests, and identity-based needs. In the case of cultural conflicts, identity-based needs tend to be the most prevalent. The article, “Culture and Conflict” explains the relationship between culture and identity. There are four categories of identity-based needs: meaning, community, intimacy, and autonomy.

To prepare for this Assignment:

*Focus on identity-based needs and, specifically, the needs of meaning, community, intimacy, and autonomy.

* Focus on how different cultures address conflict.

Review the article, “Culture and Conflict.” Focusing on identities.

*Select a local or global situation in which cultural groups are experiencing or have experienced conflict.

*Think about how identity-based needs play(ed) a role in and/or fuel(ed) the conflict.

*Reflect on the categories of identity-based needs (meaning, community, intimacy, and autonomy) and think about how they relate to the conflict that you have selected.
With these thoughts in mind: (1 page) No Plagiarism, APA style format, must be cited. Thank you.

Write, (1). A description of the conflict that you selected. (2). Explain how identity-based needs play(ed) a role in and/or fuel(ed) the conflict.(3). Finally, briefly explain to which category the identity-based needs belong and why you categorized them as you did.

Support your assignment and responses with references.




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