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Hunters discovered the body of dead woman

Your Project 2 assignment is due at the end of Module 7. The Project 2 assignment is to write a position paper of 1000-1250 words with respect to the following:
Hunters discovered the body of a dead woman floating in an abandoned gravel pit pond. The county coroner ruled that the woman’s death was a homicide. Her ex-husband, Fred Flintrock, who had read accounts in the local paper, was considered a suspect. He called the police department to inquire if the body in the pond might be the body of his ex-wife, Wilma. Police asked him to come to headquarters, purportedly to identify personal items they thought belonged to dead woman. In reality, police wanted to interrogate Fred Flintrock about the murder of his ex-wife.
Fred Flintrock drove his truck over to police headquarters and immediately identified the personal property as belonging to his former spouse. Fred stayed at the police headquarters for two hours while two police officers questioned him in a small interview room. The interrogation was thorough, but not overly intimidating. The officers openly tape-recorded the interrogation. At no time did the police officers inform Fred Flintrock of his Miranda rights. The officers repeatedly assured Flintrock that he was not under arrest and that he was free to terminate the questioning and leave the police station. Since the police had focused on Flintrock as the culprit, they told him that they were sure that he had killed the former Mrs. Wilma Flintrock.
In order to place some additional pressure on Fred Flintrock, police told him that other officers were conducting a search for evidence at his home and that police were going to search his pickup truck for evidence of a homicide. Police asked various questions that had the goal of getting Fred to confess to the homicide of his former wife. In the latter part of the interrogation, Flintrock admitted that he had indeed killed her and put her body in the gravel pit pond and hoped that her body stayed submerged. As promised, police allowed Fred to leave the police station and go about his business, although police did seize his pickup truck. Several hours later, after consulting with a prosecutor, police found Flintrock at the diner with his girlfriend, Betty Rumble. The police arrested him for Wilma’s murder. Fred argued that the confession given at the police station should not be admitted against him because his rights under Miranda v. Arizona were violated because he was in custody during questioning.
Should police have offered the Miranda warnings to Fred Flintrock under these circumstances? Should the trial court rule that his confession was illegally obtained? Identify the factual issues and apply the legal concepts dictated by the Miranda warnings and Miranda-based case law. Be sure to arrive at a definite conclusion concerning whether the Miranda warnings were necessary to be given to Fred Flintrock.
Be sure to submit your project in one WORD document in APA format and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox.
Project 2 is worth 20% of your course grade. Be sure to ask someone to proofread your answer before submitting it to your instructor.

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