Hunger Games

Hunger Games
Paper instructions:
There are 5 topics you can choose. (Only choose one of them, more detail will be explained in “5 topics” as attachment)
1. The Media—Reality TV and celebrity
2. How is technology used as a tool of oppression?
3.Fashion as a tool of privilege and oppression
5. Exploring parallels between ancient Rome, our own culture, and the novel

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Hunger Games
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In order to present a clearly articulated thesis, you are going to read Hunger Games and choose direct evidence from the primary text to support your ideas.
The essay should have a very strong and clear thesis which can be argued about, and there is no limit of number of arguments.

**Keep in mind that you need to focus on the novel’s rhetorical situation–i.e. the complex relationship between the audience for these books (young adults), the text(specifically in terms of genre), the historical/cultural context(what this novel reveals about our current world), and/or the rhetor(Suzanne Collins). Your essay may focus on on all of these rhetorical domains.**



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