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Human trafficking and contemporary slavery


Per class discussions, you are required to compare and contrast the incidence of trafficking in persons and contemporary slavery in two or three countries.  In your essay, provide a detailed but relevant information about your selected countries.  Such relevant information may include, but not limited to location, population size, economic conditions, and cultural practices that aid or prevent contemporary slavery and human trafficking.  You will need to discuss the countries’ strategies and policies to combat human trafficking in persons, any challenges they may have encountered, and how impactful such strategies have been.  As a scholar of trafficking in persons, you are expected to critique or identify the weaknesses in their strategies and to recommend ways to ensure effective approaches to trafficking in persons.

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Human trafficking and contemporary slavery
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Please be sure to have your name in the file labor and submit it as an attachment.  Your paper should be double line spaced, 12 point times new roman and between 5 and 7 pages.  

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