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Human Resources in Business

Human Resources in Business


Human Resources in Business

You must familiarise yourself with the NCC Education Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy and ensure that you acknowledge all the sources which you use in your work. The policy is available on Campus. Follow the instructions above, but click on Policies rather than Advice. ? You must complete the ‘Statement and Confirmation of Own Work’. The form is available on the Policies section of Campus. Scroll down the left hand side until you reach Personal Support. Click on this and then click on Policies and Advice. ? Please make a note of the recommended word count. You could lose marks if you write 10% more or less than this. ? You must submit a paper copy and digital copy (on disk or similarly acceptable medium). Media containing viruses, or media which cannot be run directly, will result in a fail grade being awarded for this module. ? All electronic media will be checked for plagiarism.
Marker’s comments:
Moderator’s comments:
Mark: Moderated Final
Mark: Mark:
Human Resources in Business December 2013 Final ? NCC Education 2013
This assignment is based on an organisational scenario. There are various components to the scenario, and the tasks described below address these components. Your role and background is that of an HRM generalist consultant who has been called in to provide observations and suggestions about the current situation. This assignment requires knowledge of:
? human resource management as a discipline, and
? organisational development as a process.
Although snow is uncommon in the UK, over the last three years there have been significant snowstorms during the winter. These snow events disrupted travel. Schools were closed, which meant many parents had to take days off work to look after their children. The view is that these snow events will only increase in future years, due to climate change.
The UK government is concerned that the number of people taking time off work during the winter could cause the country to slip into a recession. The secretary of education has made a statement saying that many schools have been closed unnecessarily, and should have remained open. Many teachers and school staff have responded with denial and anger at this statement, as they feel that the closing of schools was done for safety reasons.
An innovative idea has emerged which has been greeted with approval from the government. The suggestion is that teachers come in to schools and teach their classes as usual – although to students in their homes using an online format. This means that teachers would teach their classes as usual and students would view their teachers at home using online computer cameras. Although this is not a perfect solution, it would allow school lessons to continue as usual without any safety concerns for the children and would allow parents to go to work.
Teachers and head teachers have reacted with a sense of disbelief. They feel that the student experience would be of a lower quality and the ability to handle and answer student questions would require much more in-depth communication to ensure adequate understanding. It would also be difficult to assess the understanding of the entire class without the students being present. Because of these factors, the teachers and head teachers are in opposition to this proposal. Nonetheless, the government has stated that they will begin to push ahead with this innovative idea.
Teachers and head teachers have responded by refusing to participate in this process, and their response has been one of demotivation, anger, an increase in absenteeism, and a call by the teachers’ unions for a strike in the near future. The education secretary has stated that if the teachers go on strike the government will recruit temporary teachers to replace the permanent teachers, both during the strike as well as during any future snow events. This has created an impasse between the two groups and has damaged the potential for cooperation for the moment.
The government’s plans to prevent future school closures could potentially result in increased absenteeism and demotivation among teachers. The government’s challenge is to balance educational directives while at the same time being responsive to the needs of the teachers, head teachers and their union. As a result, the school system’s HRM director and government representatives are interested in your views on this situation.
Human Resources in Business December 2013 Final ? NCC Education 2013
You are an HRM generalist who has been asked to meet with the school system’s HR director and government representatives. All parties want to examine some of the implications of adopting this innovative idea, and look forward to meeting with you.
Task 1 – 16 Marks
In response to the government’s innovative idea to respond to school ‘snow days’ by using online teaching technology, the head teachers and teachers have reacted with dismay and anger. They have reacted by threatening strike action and feel that demotivation and increased absenteeism could be the result. In the face of these possible consequences, the HRM director of the school system needs to consider how schools will be staffed, and needs to consider these contingencies in the HR planning process. Taking these considerations into account, critically evaluate what you consider to be FOUR (4) key contributions that planning can make to the HR strategy of the school system.
Task 2 – 18 Marks
Both teachers and head teachers have indicated that staff absenteeism could be a potential response to the government’s new proposed initiative. Outline and discuss FOUR (4) potential causes of absenteeism. In addition, provide FIVE (5) potential solutions or recommendations on how the school system’s HR manager could reduce absenteeism as a threat to the disruption of teaching.
Task 3 – 16 Marks
Even though there is resistance to the use of virtual teaching during snow days, the government wants to develop this as a strategy. Therefore, the training needs of teachers for this new way of working have been identified. Critically evaluate what you consider to be the FOUR (4) most appropriate training methods that could be used to achieve the government’s goal of training staff to teach using a virtual environment. Include a rationale for each of the four training methods you believe to be the most appropriate.
Task 4 – 15 Marks
The education secretary’s approach to the virtual teaching innovation during snow days could be classified as directive or coercive in nature. His approach seems to have resulted in a response from the teachers’ unions of a potential strike. Using either Blake and Mouton’s (1964) management grid or Goleman-Hay/McBer’s six leadership styles framework, evaluate the leadership style that is currently being used by the education secretary. In your discussion, determine whether his current style is appropriate and, if not appropriate, which leadership style would be more effective in this situation. Include a rationale in your answer for which leadership style you consider appropriate.
Task 5 – 16 Marks
The government has stated that if teachers and head teachers decide to go on a strike, then the government will replace the permanent teachers with temporary teachers during the strike action. The idea of using temporary teachers has been described as being linked to that of a flexible firm (Atkinson, 1984). Critically evaluate the THREE (3) types of flexible resourcing choices associated with the flexible firm, and state which of these three choices would be most appropriate to the school system, along with a supporting rationale.
Human Resources in Business December 2013 Final ? NCC Education 2013
Task 6 – 10 Marks
Learning new skills can sometimes be challenging. As teachers begin to learn the skill of teaching using virtual technology to students at home, the ability to capture and share developing knowledge with other teachers could be seen as an important development tool. This process has been referred to as knowledge management. Evaluate the value of knowledge management as a learning process, and whether or not you believe it can be of benefit to the school system.
Task 7 – 9 Marks
Report Compilation
Combine your findings into a single, written report to the school system’s HRM director and government representatives that is properly structured and contains the following.
? Title page
? Table of contents
? Main body of the report
? References and bibliography
? Appendices (if necessary)
Consult with your tutor if you are uncertain about any aspect of the assignment.
You should ensure that you refer to the relevant module concepts and theories to demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between theory and practice.
Submission Requirements
You must submit a word-processed report from you to the school system’s HRM director and government representatives as indicated above in Task 7.
Your report should answer Tasks 1 to 6 and should be no more than 5000 words. The assignment needs to be signed and dated by your tutor.
Warning: All media must be virus free!
Media containing viruses, or media which cannot be run directly, will result in a FAIL grade being awarded for this module.
You must read and understand NCC Education’s policy on ‘Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism’.
You must complete the ‘Statement and Confirmation of Own Work’ form and attach the completed form to your assignment.


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