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How Will We Adjust to Introvert Students and Change the Education?

Choose a topic connected to K-12 education that is controversial and take a side to argue. It may connect to one of the topics from the class readings such as whether boys (or girls) need special programs, whether single-sex schools could be effective, whether introverts are neglected in the classroom, or whether particular school subjects are essential to the curriculum. Other possible topics might connect to the roles of homework, length of the school year, testing, or school choice in education.

Your argument should include the following general structure:

Introduction: Briefly define or describe the current education issue that you are investigating and explain why this issue has become important and controversial.

Thesis: Assert your position regarding the education issue you have chosen to argue and provide a rationale.

Body: Provide credible evidence that supports your position and refutes opposing arguments and use appeals (logos, pathos and ethos) to strengthen your argument. Make sure to also acknowledge and respond to the opposing argument/s.

Conclusion: Bring your paper to a satisfactory end by referring again to your position using different wording and emphasizing the relevance of your position to society and your audience.

You are writing for a general educated audience and must maintain your credibility throughout the paper. Essays need to use evidence from the class readings and credible outside research to support the assertions that are made. You may also use personal examples and observations. Use a minimum of four sources which include both class readings and outside sources.

This essay will require you to conduct library research and acknowledge sources using the MLA research format. It will also require you to go through the drafting process, including an instructor conference and peer review to gain feedback.

Page limit: 4-6 pages + Works Cited page

Category: Essays

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