Please follow the instructions below, and used the “Hotel Marriott”, and the “Hyatt Hotel” to analyze and answer the questions below. This paper needs to be written in a business view.

Introduction (1⁄2 page)
Briefly state the industry you will analyze (you can include the SIC code as well).
Provide general information (briefly) about the nature of this industry (history, major
changes across time, size, and geographic clusters, if any).

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Hotel Industry
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Strategy identification
“What are the strategies of the two firms? Are they similar or different – and how?
a. To answer this question, first identify the firms’ current business level strategies (Chapter 5). For a multi-business firm, first identify the corporate level strategy (Chapter 6), and then explain the business level strategy (Chapter 5) of the particular business unit you focus your analysis on. If the firm is only competing in this industry, then you can start with its international strategy (Chapter 7).
b. Identify the key strategic issues (problems) with each firm’s current strategy.
c. Overall, what aspects of their strategies help to explain their performance

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