History and Philosophy of Social Work

History and Philosophy of Social Work

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History and Philosophy of Social Work
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In Unfaithful Angels, Specht and Courtney suggest that the passage of the Social Security Act
freed community agencies of the need to provide income support (“alms for the poor”) and
changed their agenda to “providing primarily social casework of a psychotherapeutic nature,” a
change which occurred “neither unconsciously or accidentally.” (p. 69)See attached.
1. Explain this statement and trace its effects on the NYC Shelter System. Trace the
thinking in that area prior to, and following, the passage of the Social Security Act and how
it subsequently changed The NYC Shelter System—if it did. And if it did not, why?
2. If you disagree with Specht and Courtney about this—IF THE SHELTER SYSTEM historically underwent
no change as a result of the Social Security Act—explain why it did not, and give examples
of other social movements and changes in thinking that did influence it in its current
3. How would you restructure The NYC Shelter System according to the recommendations of Specht and
Courtney in Chapters 6 and 7 of their book? (Find Chapters Attached)Do you think it would improve client outcomes?
Explain your response.


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