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Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, what is the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia? Were they ever intimate? If so, what are the indications in the play that they were? Is Ophelia’s madness, for example, a result of having been rejected by Hamlet? If, in your judg-ment, Hamlet and Ophelia were never intimate, what are the indications in the play that show that Ophelia’s love for Hamlet was unrequited (never acted upon by Hamlet)?

TOPIC 2: In Utopia by Sir Thomas More, Raphael Hythloday, the sailor who claims to have visited the island of Utopia, praises the Utopians for holding all property in common, while More, who makes himself a character in the novel, defends private property. Taking a look es-pecially at Book Two, what are Hythloday’s arguments for holding all property in common? What are More’s arguments in favor of private property? Who has the better set of arguments: Hythloday or More, and why? If, in your judgment, both arguments are incorrect, why is each argument incorrect?

TOPIC 3: In What Is Man? by Mark Twain, the Old Man argues that the human being is just a machine. The Young Man, on the other hand, argues that the human being is not just a machine, but is a more complicated creature—a being capable of free will and moral responsibility. Who has the better argument, the Old Man or the Young Man, and why?

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