Hamlet by Shakespeare

  • Write a persuasive paper in which you discuss the main source of tragedy in Hamlet.
    •    Your thesis statement should contain your central argument.
    •    You must use specific quotes from Hamlet, and you must tie these into your writing (at least 10 direct quotes of 3 lines or less each).

    •    Be careful that you’re carefully citing all material; any instances of plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, will earn a grade of zero.
    o    Each paragraph of your paper should support your argument. You should choose meaningful quotes from the text and interpret these quotes to support your claim. Each quote should be explained and connected back to your thesis. Your points should be interesting, reasonable, and creative. You should integrate quotes from your source smoothly into your paper and be careful not to let your source material overwhelm the rest of your paper. Balance each quote with appropriate commentary and don’t assume readers will have the same interpretation as you.


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Hamlet by Shakespeare
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