group polarization,


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group polarization,
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Choose a novel (not a movie) that tells the story of a group of people working together in some
way. The novel could also include two groups who work against each other.
While reading your chosen book be aware of group dynamics and look for examples of group
processes reviewed in class such as group cohesiveness, social loafing, deindividuation,
groupthink, group polarization, leadership, and so forth. Papers must include a short summary of
the book (no more than one page), a thorough explanation of five key terms related to the group
processes found in the novel, and an analysis of how the group processes affected the outcome of
the “problem” presented in the novel. Students must include at least two cited studies that have
explored the group processes discussed in their paper. Outcomes of the two studies should be
integrated into the flow of the paper. Students should avoid simply summarizing the study and
instead use the studies to support the their analysis of the group “problem.” All sources must be
appropriately cited.
This is an opportunity for students to read a book they actually want to read! So have fun with it.
Books do NOT need to be pre-approved by the professor. Students are welcome to visit the TAs
or professors OHs to discuss ideas for their paper. Dr. BE and the TAs will not read

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