Write an essay in exactly 200 words explaining what mathematicians should learn
from the history of the Four Colour Problem. You can assume that the reader knows
the background so you need not use any of your word allocation words to explain the
problem in your essay, but you should justify your conclusions briefly. Use the
Harvard referencing style: and note that inline references do not count towards the
word limit, and neither does the reference list.
Note that the question asks for exactly 200 words – not 199 or 201 – and you will be
penalised if you do not meet this criterion. The purpose of this condition is to require
you to think very carefully about your answer, to prioritise and to include only what
you consider to be the most important material.
(30 marks)

Marks will be awarded for the understanding you show of the problem through your
choice of material and your discussion, the appropriateness of your conclusions and
how well they are supported, the quality of your evidence. Marks will be deducted
for any failure to meet the word length stipulation and for inadequate referencing or
failure to use correct Harvard style.
An answer which is well-written, shows excellent understanding, draws appropriate
and important lessons, and supports them with strong evidence, properly referenced,
will obtain a first class mark.
A very good answer which might lack clarity in places, fail fully to support some
conclusions, or display minor weaknesses in referencing will obtain an upper second
class mark.

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An account which contains several minor inaccuracies, demonstrates a serious lack of
understanding, fails to communicate clearly or displays serious weaknesses in
referencing will obtain at best a lower second class mark. An account displaying
several of these failings will obtain at best a third class mark


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